Road near kleinneuses remains closed longer than planned

The nuremberg state building authority has been renovating. April the state road 2263 between kleinneuses and grobneuses. After the road surface had been milled off, it became clear that the condition was worse than had been expected from the preliminary investigations, the office announced. For this reason, the road will have to be fully closed until presumably 17. May be extended. The supra-regional detour via hochstadt – gremsdorf – grobenseebach – weisendorf will therefore remain in place for a longer period of time.

During the rehabilitation work, it became apparent that the road’s underlying base courses were in a worse condition than expected. If the base courses were left in this condition, further road damage could be expected in a relatively short time. Tar was also encountered, which now has to be disposed of properly.

In the run-up to rehabilitation, the condition of the roadway is always examined as well as possible, the construction office further reports. However, the inhomogeneities of the road structure could never be fully detected due to the selective examinations distributed along the route. Only when the road is actually intervened in, the existing structure is then recognizable. In the case of the rehabilitation of state road 2263, the structure is, contrary to expectations, very inhomogeneous. Consequently, the work for the renovation and partial renewal of the road structure on st 2263 will be more complex, and consequently there is no way around the full closure of the state road, which has been extended by one week. The edge areas of the road had to be rebuilt.

The bus can’t get through

Kleinneuses can still not be served by local public transport during the construction work, the stops "kleinneuses aussiedlerhof" and "kleinneueses mitte" lines 204 and 248 have to be cancelled without replacement. Passengers are asked to switch to the nearest stops in grobneuses and hochstadt. Due to the construction work and the rerouting, there may also be delays in line services. The nuremberg state construction office asks road users for their understanding for the further impairment, especially due to the extended construction period, and for increased attention in the area of the construction site and the detour route.

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