Solidarity with the ahr valley

The flood disaster in july, which in some cases took everything from many people, moves the school family of the siegmund-loewe-realschule very much. Now director uwe schonfeld was able to hand over the proud sum of 8000 euro for flood victims in marienthal. The money had been collected at the "day of solidarity.

"Once again this year, many of our students did voluntary work among their families and acquaintances to generate donations," the director said proudly. The annual campaign is intended to show that humanity and solidarity are high on the school's agenda. Through the parents' council of the school, there is direct contact with the head of the village, rolf schmitt from marienthal. There the flood relief marienthal e.V. Founded to coordinate the joint reconstruction of the village.

"Marienthal is a district of the town of bad neuenahr in the district of ahrweiler. The municipality has 103 inhabitants and about 20 houses", tells the BRK-ler robert unglaub, who as group leader disaster control unit together with colleagues of the circle federation kronach of 27. July to 31. July in the disaster area ahrtal was used. Their immediate area of operation was marienthal.

Bestial stench


"A whole week after the flood on 14. July, the residents were still cut off from the outside world: no electricity, no running water, no sewage supply, no shopping, no or only very limited communication. The inhabitants of the ahr valley had nothing left!"Clarifies the red cross member. In total, five people died in marienthal as a result of the tsunami. Cars and other vehicles are washed away or filled up and thus no longer usable. All houses except three are flooded up to at least the middle of the second floor, partly also up to the attic floor. "It is not only water, but also mud, mixed with oil from heating systems, operating materials from vehicles, waste, fecal matter from the sewage treatment plant and the destroyed sewage pipes, hazardous waste from workshops and some more. The stench was beastly," recalls the red cross man. When the relief contingent from upper franconia arrived ten days after the flood disaster, almost all the houses had been cleared, most of the roads were passable again, but the smell was still there.

When contact was made a few days ago, robert unglaub was brought up to date by the local spokesman rolf schmitt: the two completely damaged buildings have been demolished in the meantime; another house, which had been cleared and prepared for drying out, fell victim to the structural engineer and the wrecking ball. The residents founded an association, the hochwasserhilfe marienthal e.V. Its statutes guarantee that all donations are used exclusively in and for marienthal.

Heating center planned


"Everyone who needs help gets some; but no cash. An invoice or a cost estimate must be presented. The association checks whether and how the applicant was insured. Accordingly, part or all of the bill is covered," he explains. So that there can be no more flooded oil tanks or damaged heating systems in future floods, the association is planning a central hot water and heating system. Likewise, a larger solar plant is to be built on the steep slopes. For several days now, living containers have been delivered and set up so that the residents can survive the heating season. The houses have not yet dried out and are therefore not habitable.

"The reconstruction will take years. However, it will no longer be the same for any of the residents!"Rolf schmitt, who, on behalf of the people of marienthal, thanks the students for their work and their ambition in collecting donations. "The fact that such young people in particular show such solidarity with people completely unknown to them has moved him deeply. I can guarantee, on his behalf, that every cent will be used on site," emphasizes robert unglaub.

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