Horses and riders defy the elements

horses and riders defy the elements

At least everyone stayed reasonably dry. But at the moment, petrus is probably just busy preparing the right weather for the opening of the state horticultural show on thursday and can’t be bothered with bright sunshine everywhere. Thus the approximately 50 horses, which pulled with their riders and numerous spectators to the georgiritt on the senftenberg, had it "only" dealing with a lot of cold wind.

Christina and harald graser from oberaurach didn’t let the weather stop them either. They had traveled with their two mares anke and mira especially from the parish of priesendorf – already on saturday with their own carriage. After spending the night in the tent, they joined the pilgrims with the two festively decorated animals half an hour before the beginning of the service. "We are participating for the first time", revealed the two riders from the "aurach ranch".

The traditional horse procession is an integral part of the gunzendorf festival calendar. It has been held again for more than 60 years and is based on a tradition that was interrupted for more than 100 years after 1848. In addition to political celebrities, spectators from near and far had come to take part in the pilgrimage in honor of saint georg, the patron saint of horses and riders. The local associations also joined the procession, especially since the singing community of gunzendorf provided musical accompaniment for the service.


Dudenhoffer: new car buyers older than ever before

Dudenhoffer: new car buyers older than ever before

This is the result of a study by ferdinand dudenhoffer of the CAR center automotive research at the university of duisburg/essen, which was published on sunday. New car buyers under 30 years of age accounted for only seven percent of the market. Owning a new car is becoming less attractive to young people in germany, says study.

Dudenhoffer cites demographic development as one reason for this. The second reason: in large cities, the car is becoming less important as a status symbol for young people. A few more horsepower and a fancy design weren’t enough to attract young buyers to the auto industry. "If the auto industry wants to remain at the center of society in the future, it will have to reinvent itself," writes dudenhoffer.

Incidentally, according to the survey, the brand with the youngest new car buyers is seat. The average age in the previous year was 44.8 years. Nevertheless, only 19 percent of seat buyers were under 30 years of age.


Blink blink: how we communicate by blinking

Blink Blink: How we communicate by blinking

The way to blink has an influence on the speech behavior of an interlocutor. Results from the max planck institute for psycholinguistics in nijmegen indicate this.

The team led by paul homke was able to show that test subjects gave shorter answers to questions when the individual blinks of their counterpart lasted longer. Slower blinking possibly signals to the interlocutor that one has understood his answer, the researchers write in the scientific journal "PLOS one".

People blink more than 10 times on average.000 times a day. The blinks serve among other things to wet the eyeballs so that they do not dry out. But do blinks also serve as a kind of feedback within a conversation, similar to a nod of the head?


Valuable historical research: new documents for district local historian

The preservation of the local heritage has been in very good hands in the district for years. District administrator thomas bold appreciated the work of werner eberth, roland heinlein, cornelia mence and christian neugebauer in the cultural committee accordingly: "the district local historians devote themselves intensively to the most diverse topics and perform very valuable work." in the committee they were now presented with their new certificates until 2024.

Every five years, the honorary local historians are newly appointed to this office. Cornelia mence was chosen for this honorary position in january 2007 for the old district of bad bruckenau. She has, independently of this function, together with her husband, the topic "jewish in the district of bad kissingen" and published two interesting books.

Diverse topics

In the summer of 2008, roland heinlein followed in the footsteps of the former district local historian adolf waibel for the hammelburg area. The hobbyhorse of the studied archaeologist is – how could it be otherwise – of course archaeology. If a soil find is made somewhere in the areas around hammelburg or bad bruckenau, heinlein is immediately on the spot.


Bayer 04 wants to win the cup in mainz-k.o. Make up for it

FSV mainz 05 and bayer leverkusen can quickly make amends after their defeats in recent compulsory matches.

"When we’ve played like we did in heidenheim, it’s good to get right back into the game. The focus is on mainz," said bayer head coach peter bosz ahead of today’s match (20:00).30 o’clock/eurosport).

Neither had been convincing lately. The werkself was knocked out of the cup by the baden-wurttemberg second-division soccer team with a score of 1:2 on tuesday. Last sunday, the mainz team played its worst league match of the season at FC augsburg (0:3).


Arbitrator mediates in pilot strike at sas

Arbitrator mediates in pilot strike at SAS

Due to the pilots’ strike at the airline SAS, vacationers and business travelers in scandinavia must continue to reckon with problems in air travel.

In norway, companies and unions are now relying on the mediation of the national conciliator mats wilhelm ruland; talks began on wednesday. SAS was confident to reach an agreement with ruland’s help. "It is the only way to solve the conflict", said a company spokeswoman. Since the strike began, more than 3300 flights have been canceled, affecting about 327,000 passengers. Among them were also connections to germany.

On wednesday alone, more than 500 connections were canceled, SAS canceled another 280 connections with about 20,000 travelers for this thursday.


Msb schmittwerke honors 18 long-time employees

MSB schmittwerke in bischofsheim can count on loyal and dedicated employees. Many skilled workers contribute their knowledge to the mechanical engineering company over several decades. Managing directors jurgen enders and martin hein proudly honored numerous employees at the year-end celebration.

Delivery all over the world

Gunter krick was honored for 40 years of membership. Dietmar wemmer, alexandra gessner have been working in the company for three decades. Heiko hilbert, jurgen staubach, heiko barth, harald knipping and peter enders, ralf hartmann, uwe hasse, jorg schuchardt, jurgen schmitt, martin illig and andreas fehringer have been with the company for 25 years. For 20 years kerstin harter, michael tulit and sada buttner have been working there.

MSB schmittwerke is a supplier for the automotive and aircraft industries, special machine construction, and mining and tunneling. The medium-sized company operates successfully in four areas and supplies its products from the rhon region all over the world. Special machine construction – linking systems for large machine tools as well as complex special solutions, production of welded constructions, parts production especially in large dimensions, IBS berg- und tunnelbau – roadheaders, spare parts and service, electrics and control technology – for their own products and as service provider.


The burgerhaus wustenahorn has its first ceremony

On thursday afternoon, mayor norbert tessmer immured current issues of the daily newspaper, coins and a certificate in a soldered copper sheet sleeve in the foundation stone of the citizens’ house at wolfgangsee in wustenahorn. " laying the foundation stone is always a nice event, as it stands for dynamism, progress and the future", said tessmer. The mayor recalled the almost 20 years of "tenacious" construction work history of the civic and district house. "A first note dates back to the year 1999." tessmer quoted the then managing director of wohnbau coburg, willibald fehn, according to whom the construction of the burgerhaus would take about four to five years. First concrete discussions about the project within the framework of the "social city" project followed only in 2009.

Tessmer: figurehead for coburg

tessmer described the future community center as a flagship for the city of coburg and a "key project and milestone for neighborhood development" for the wustenahorn district. The building should be finished in february of next year. A total of two million euros will be invested. Building officer and mayor birgit weber acknowledged the sponsorship of the community center by the government of upper franconia.

The children of the pfiffikus kindergarten and pupils of the melchior franck school sang the song of the "industrious craftsmen", put in the windows and painted the walls. Further the short ceremonial act on the shore of the wolfgangsee was followed by numerous people from wustenahorn and members of the civic association.


Conti depresses debt mountain after record profit

Conti depresses debt mountain after record profit

However, conti is hoping that passenger car production and also the tire business will pick up again, especially in the second half of the year. There were various best figures in 2012: for example, the bottom line is a profit of 1.9 billion euros. The debt burden fell noticeably and far more than planned.

Conti’s coffers are fuller than they were a year ago: at the end of the year, the company had 2.4 billion euros in cash and cash equivalents, a good 50 percent more than at the end of the previous year. Degenhart said acquisitions of suitable companies with annual sales of up to one billion euros are "conceivable". He did not provide further details on regions, for example.

The stock market rewarded the figures with an interim gain of around 4 percent. Conti shares were among the top performers on the dax throughout the day.


Cup exclusion for dresden lifted

Cup exclusion for Dresden lifted

However, the traditional club will be punished for the riots of its fans in dortmund with a "ghost match" in the 2. Bundesliga, an away game without its own fans and a fine of 100,000 euros punished. This verdict was handed down by the federal court of the german football association (DFB) at the appeal hearing on 23. February in frankfurt. "This penalty must be a clear final warning to the club," said presiding judge goetz eilers, who followed the request of the control committee chairman anton nachreiner.

After the four-hour hearing and three hours of wrangling behind closed doors at DFB headquarters, the panel wanted to uphold the first-instance ruling of the sports court on 24. November not confirm. The penalty, unique in german soccer, was imposed after massive rioting by dynamo fans in the second-round cup match on 25. October in dortmund takes place. Dresden accepted the second verdict and will refrain from going to the permanent neutral arbitration court for clubs and corporations of the licensed leagues.

In the league match against FC ingolstadt on 11. Dresden must play in empty stadium. On 16. March at eintracht frankfurt may not watch dynamo fans. Dresden must pay the loss of revenue of the current league leader. In addition, the 100,000 euro fine. Dynamo lawyer schickhardt spoke of a "very intense, very strict" verdict with "great harshness," but also showed relief and promised, "we have learned our lesson."