Vw group boss: driving a car on coal-fired power is “madness”

VW group boss: driving a car on coal-fired power is 'madness'

In the dispute over stricter climate protection rules for carmakers, VW group boss herbert diess has denounced the german energy mix.

The electric car will not be able to keep up with the diesel in terms of CO2 emissions over long distances in the foreseeable future, he warned in the "suddeutsche zeitung". "Because the truth is: they’re not switching to electric, they’re switching to coal-fired."The production of one battery with coal-fired electricity would produce five metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). "And if they then run on coal-fired electricity, e-mobility really becomes a madness."

EU countries had agreed that new cars should emit an average of 35 percent less CO2 in 2030 than in 2020. The federal government originally wanted only a 30 percent reduction – which german carmakers considered feasible. Other countries wanted a reduction of 40 percent and more. The climate footprint of otherwise clean e-cars is significantly affected by the sources of electricity for batteries in operation and production.


Dudenhoffer: new car buyers older than ever before

Dudenhoffer: new car buyers older than ever before

This is the result of a study by ferdinand dudenhoffer of the CAR center automotive research at the university of duisburg/essen, which was published on sunday. New car buyers under 30 years of age accounted for only seven percent of the market. Owning a new car is becoming less attractive to young people in germany, says study.

Dudenhoffer cites demographic development as one reason for this. The second reason: in large cities, the car is becoming less important as a status symbol for young people. A few more horsepower and a fancy design weren’t enough to attract young buyers to the auto industry. "If the auto industry wants to remain at the center of society in the future, it will have to reinvent itself," writes dudenhoffer.

Incidentally, according to the survey, the brand with the youngest new car buyers is seat. The average age in the previous year was 44.8 years. Nevertheless, only 19 percent of seat buyers were under 30 years of age.


Greens want to stop the road

Bernhard panzer it is a clear announcement: the city is to cancel the construction project "south bypass" with immediate effect. Behind this demand are the green group and the city council of the "party". The city council is scheduled to meet on 14. July deal with it.

The applicants cite a change in people’s awareness as justification. "Our city needs mobility for tomorrow instead of yesterday’s solutions", it says in the application. Work behavior is changing, with home offices on the rise, which is now becoming apparent in the corona crisis. The number of commuters will therefore continue to decline. To make matters worse, the climate problem is the central task of humanity in the 21st century.The 21st century is.

"Biotope will be destroyed"

Literally, it is said in the motion sent by the green faction chairman peter simon: "so we do not understand why we as a city want to put at least 40 million euros of money, which we no longer necessarily have available because of corona, into the road construction project southern bypass." especially since this would destroy one of the few green lungs and biotopes of herzogenaurach. "The southern bypass is in fact a southern bypass", it continues. And: "let us therefore rather develop an alternative solution for the traffic problem in niederndorf!"