Acted without premeditation

Yesterday, a 47-year-old self-employed craftsman from the kulmbach district had to answer for fraud at the kulmbach district court. He allegedly collected a deposit of 2400 euros from a customer for the installation of a fireplace in october 2017, but did not perform the work despite repeated requests from the client.
The witness and at the same time injured party from furth had therefore canceled the order and reported the craftsman for fraud because he kept putting him off and finally could not pay him back the down payment.

Account blocked

"first of all, I was ill for a few weeks due to an accident at work, and then my account was blocked by the tax office, explained the defendant. However, since he could have expected that he would not be able to use the down payment for the intended purpose at the time of the assignment due to his financial situation, this was a conditional intent, clarified judge sieglinde tettmann. "You’re not the first businessman to sit here for something like this. You certainly didn’t want to rob the witness of his money, you were trying to keep your business going."
Since the defendant was confessed, has already begun to repay the fine and has no criminal record, prosecutor holger gebhardt pleaded for a fine of 80 daily sentences of 35 euros each.
"Even without direct intent to harm, this case is a fraud", judge tettmann explained her verdict, which was in line with the prosecution’s demand. "You have cheaply accepted that your client’s money could be gone because of your financial situation. And it concerns a not insignificant amount."
He says it is now important to regularly repay the remaining amount that is still outstanding as part of an asset detention order, in order to avoid further costs, for example, through enforcement.


A giant party in pink

A growing number of participants dressed in pink shirts filled the marketplace to show their support for the goals of breast cancer prevention. Despite the busy schedule, european member of parliament anja weisgerber had taken over the patronage of the event and, together with her daughter and district administrator thomas bold, gave the go-ahead for the start at 11 a.M. She stressed the importance of cancer prevention, especially for the most common cancer in women, breast cancer. "This is also an important topic in the european parliament", said weisgerber.

Before the start, tina zeller and petra morschhauser from the sinnflut team warmed up the participants with their zumba classes. And so everyone – running, jogging, walking or simply strolling at their favorite pace – was able to reach the finish line without any accidents.

Twelve-year-old lara mahlmeister and heike kotzner from volkers had already completed the course after 37 minutes. After less than two hours, the big finish clock could already be taken down again, because everyone had reached the finish line, whether with baby carriages or walking aids. And even a spry senior citizen in a wheelchair was among them.


“Community work”: wallenfels adopts the budget

Mayor jens korn (CSU) described the budget as a joint effort by the entire city council. The procedure with the extensive preparation has proven itself, said the mayor. The cornerstones of the investment program have already been set at the retreat, but the "red thread" should not be lost do not lose sight of. The common goal is to move the city forward.

Relaxed situation

the situation has eased a bit compared to the previous year. The addition to the asset budget amounts to 318000 euros. The free margin was not very abundant, but at least one was provided for in the budget. The improvement was partly due to additional revenue from a higher income tax (65,000 euros) and higher key allocations (40,000 euros). On the other hand, there were fortunately lower expenditures, especially in interest expenses. Due to the current interest situation, these could be reduced again by 60 000 euro, said the mayor. The stabilization aid of 130,000 euros has done the city good. Also, due to the stable district apportionment, less money has flowed into the district for wallenfels.
Financing of the new fire station in wallenfels will be handled by bayerngrund outside the budget. Experience had already been gained in the past with the framework conditions of bayerngrund, which conform to the guidelines. This financing option was deliberately created to enable measures to be implemented quickly. For the city, this also means a certain amount of discipline, especially since the financing of the next few years will be a burden on the city. Investments were also made in the infrastructure. The expansion of the lamitztalstrabe costs around 1.3 million euros, and 125,000 euros have been earmarked for the reduction of external water.

Progress in urban redevelopment

progress is being made in urban redevelopment with the demolition of unsightly residential buildings. The village renewal in neuengrun will be tackled with the redesign of the church surroundings. Korn also mentioned the creation of a business park to keep companies in the area. He was very pleased that around two-thirds of the inverted 2.4 million was subsidized by corresponding grants.
"Who would have thought of funding rates of 90 percent years ago?, the mayor commented on the current situation
managing director frank jakob referred to the future budgets, where it is necessary to set appropriate rates for the firehouse. The financial program is not set in stone; there will still be some changes to make, he predicted. Stabilization aid has also been applied for again for the current year.
Due to the departure of two long-serving employees, personnel costs were reduced slightly despite increases in collective bargaining agreements. The budget consolidation concept required for the stabilization aid was updated.
It is quite easy to prove that the state aid was used in a compliant manner, because the full amount of the 150,000 euros granted was used to repay a loan. The net borrowing amounts to about 200,000 euro with a total budget volume of 8.3 million euro.


High flying at fc geesdorf

High flying at FC geesdorf

FC geesdorf is doing really well in terms of sports and business. The house has been renovated and the soccer team’s leaders are singing the praises of the day. The membership fees were increased moderately in order not to lag behind in the subsidies from the BLSV.

Chairman harald kober reported in the general meeting on saturday evening from many positive sides. The outstanding event of the past year was the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the. Founding celebration of the sports club. Just in time, the footballers gave their FC the right present – promotion to the district league after two relegation matches. The festivities with the social and sporting events dragged on for half a year. In addition, there were the annual events such as kirchweih, schafkopfturnier and christmas celebrations.

Youth work pays off

By renovating the energy efficiency of the sports center and replacing the exterior facade, the soccer club is saving money that can be invested elsewhere. According to kober, there were always enough workers available for the various tasks, so that the renovation was carried out quickly.


Receipt obligation: receipts land with the baker in the garbage

Receipt obligation: Receipts land with the baker in the garbage

Since beginning of the year the new cash law applies and with it the cash receipt obligation. In other words, every store owner, whether a florist or a butcher, must now hand over a receipt, even if the customer only bought two rolls for 76 cents at the bakery. But these receipts often end up in the trash, because: many customers do not want them for smaller amounts. "When I buy a loaf of bread, I don’t need a receipt. I find that already alone for environmental reasons an absurdity", says the kulmbacher udo stubinger, which yesterday at noon with the "grunwehrbeck" in weiher has bought.

Trees for the bureaucracy

Grunwehrbeck is well aware of the fact that the thermal paper slips cause a huge mountain of waste sebastian large convinced. Hundreds of trees would have to be cut for the "bureaucracy mania" be felled, he says, showing us a bucket bulging with the receipts. "No one takes them away, even if we point them out to customers."

That says the law

"Law for the protection against manipulations at digital basic records" is the exact name of the new cash law. According to this, electronic recording systems, as modern cash registers are called today, must be equipped with a certified technical security system from january 1. January must have a certified technical security device. This is how manipulation of digital data is to be prevented.


District of forchheim: mailboxes with illegal “czech firecrackers blown up

Driving to czech republic, buying illegal firecrackers and smuggling them across the border is prohibited. Because they also blew up mailboxes in the district of forchheim with the explosive devices, three young people were now on trial. One of the perpetrators was sentenced to one year and six months on probation.

Two 19-year-olds and a 16-year-old in the dock. The two male defendants, who come from the district of forchheim, are accused of having bought the firecrackers in the czech republic. Both admitted this completely. “but we were not there with the intention of buying firecrackers, a defendant affirmed. The clarification of the other acts was more tricky: on 11. In december, the defendants drove to ebermannstadt with two other witnesses. There, the 16-year-old blew up a mailbox.

Mailbox of an ex in ebermannstadt was the target

the accused 19-year-old claims to have been unaware of the blast. The second defendant, who comes from ebermannstadt, claims he "doesn’t really remember" to be able. The 16-year-old all the better for it. The ebermannstadter had instructed the driver to drive to the address. "He had stress with the one who lives there," the manager said, the 16-year-old stated. The man from ebermannstadt also denied this: "it was already over by then. We were friends again."


Fed takes stress test: u.s. Banks are more resilient to crisis

Fed takes stress test: U.S. banks are more resilient to crisis

Only the cash reserves of car and home financier ally financial slipped below the required threshold in the assumed crisis scenario.

Banks have improved their resilience to extreme economic scenarios, the fed said thursday in washington. They are better capitalized than they were before the financial crisis that led to the collapse of the lehman brothers investment bank in september 2008 and to distress sales of other financial firms.

In the annual stress test, the fed calculates what would happen to the reserves of financial firms if markets and the real economy suddenly collapsed. The fed wants to make sure that even in extreme cases, banks have enough money to meet their obligations. During the financial crisis, the government had to step in.


Spderleichtert over success in sarrazin expulsion proceedings

Spderleichtert over success in sarrazin expulsion proceedings

The SPD has reacted with relief to the decision of the berlin state arbitration commission to expel thilo sarrazin from the party.

"I am really glad," said SPD secretary general lars klingbeil in berlin on friday. The SPD stands for cohesion. "Someone who promotes anti-muslim theories, someone who promotes racist theories, needs a clear stop sign."

On thursday, the decision of the SPD’s state arbitration committee became known, according to which the SPD may exclude the former berlin finance senator and best-selling author for conduct detrimental to the party. The proceedings were triggered by sarrazin’s book "hostile takeover: how islam impedes progress and threatens society," published in 2018.