Nrw minister president laschet: fan return “difficult”

"There is a very responsible protection concept of the german soccer league," the CDU politician told the newspapers of the funke mediengruppe. "On this basis, there was actually hope that we would soon be able to allow stadium attendance again. However, given the current infection levels, that seems difficult at the moment."

The 59-year-old referred to the conference with his colleagues, which will probably take place next week, for a "timely" agreement, "although at the moment one should not hold out much hope here for major events".

The DFL had drawn up a concept for the return of fans that the clubs were to implement in cooperation with the local authorities. German chancellor angela merkel (CDU), however, had ruled out relaxing the corona requirements for soccer as recently as monday. The health ministers of the federal states had previously agreed that stadiums should be opened to fans until at least october 31. October is not to be endorsed. The 2020/21 season in professional soccer begins with the first round of the DFB cup on the second weekend in september.


Media: more and more people injured and killed by medical devices

Media: More and more people injured and killed by medical devices

In germany last year, 14.034 cases had been reported involving injuries, deaths or other problems that could be related to medical devices. The broadcasters NDR and WDR as well as the "suddeutsche zeitung" reported that the number of suspected cases of fraud was rising sharply. The three media outlets would have investigated the matter in cooperation with the international consortium of investigative journalists (ICIJ) as well as some 60 media partners. The research would be published worldwide under the title "implant files".

The increase in the number of reports has been registered for years by the responsible authority – the federal institute for drugs and medical devices (bfarm) – and is also published. The most recent figure on the website is from 2016, when 12.000 cases have been reported.

However, according to its own account, the institute has found in its reviews in the past that in about 40 percent of cases the reported problem did not originate from the medical device. It was therefore in the legal sense no reportable "occurrence" had been. For example, the institute refers to a malfunction or improper designation of a medical device that could have led to the death or deterioration of the health of a patient.


“The lancet” pulls study on chloroquine and co. Back

The lancet journal has retracted a study on the use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine against the new coronavirus.

Three of the four authors pointed out that they could not resolve doubts about the accuracy of the data they used, according to the journal on thursday evening. Numerous studies are underway to test the efficacy of covid-19, which has been used to treat malaria, against the lung disease. Previous studies have not provided any reliable evidence that it improves symptoms in patients or shortens the duration of the disease.

According to the now withdrawn study, the two agents were unlikely to be suitable for the treatment of covid-19 and may even increase the death rate and lead to cardiac arrhythmias. The U.S. And swiss researchers, led by mandeep mehra of harvard medical school, had published the study in the lancet on 22. May published. According to study data, they had data from a good 96.000 patients evaluated. Because of the negative results, several studies on chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine had been suspended. The latter is also under particular scrutiny because U.S. President donald trump had repeatedly touted it as a miracle cure.


Prime minister netanyahu goes into quarantine

Prime Minister Netanyahu goes into quarantine

Israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu goes into quarantine as a precautionary measure because, according to media reports, one of his advisors has contracted the corona virus.

The head of the government and his close staff will remain in quarantine for the time being until the necessary investigations are completed, his office said. Subsequently, the ministry of health and netanyahu’s personal physician would determine an end to quarantine. Earlier, netanyahu’s adviser on strict religious affairs had tested positive for sars-cov-2, israeli media reported.

Netanyahu’s office had initially said that after an initial assessment there was no need for a quarantine. He had not been in close contact with the affected person and had not met her personally. In addition, according to the initial findings, it appears that the two were never in the same room together in the past two weeks.


Johannisthal couple marries among flowers and trees

Johannisthal couple marries among flowers and trees

The church bells are ringing, the bride is walking down the aisle and her future husband is waiting for her at the altar. This, or something like it, is how most people picture a wedding.

At the wedding of daniela and andreas hahn from johannisthal, there was no priest and no church blessing. For this, the couple on 7. August in the middle of the forest of ebneth (district lichtenfels) a shamanic ceremony celebrated. For the two, it was clear that they did not want to marry in church, although they are baptized catholic and protestant. But the christian church has not been an issue for the two for a long time. "We were sure that this is our thing", daniela tells about the wedding. Shamanism has always interested them.

Andreas and daniela wanted to get the blessing of nature. Because this is the focus of shamanism. As a suitable place for their wedding andreas and daniela have chosen a romantic forest clearing in ebneth. "Ebneth is an ancient place of power and therefore optimal for such a wedding", daniela explains.