Criticism of colonial monuments – “just the tip of the iceberg”

Criticism of colonial monuments - 'just the tip of the iceberg'

Against the backdrop of the racism debate, colonial monuments are being toppled in other countries – in germany, too, there is criticism of such statues.

From the point of view of the berlin postcolonial initiative, however, simply dismantling monuments with a colonial connection in germany is not enough. "Colonial monuments should not simply be cleared away," spokesman christian kopp told the deutsche presse agency. In his view, it would be more constructive to invite artists from former colonies, for example, to break the effect of the statues, to develop counter-monuments or to alienate them.

Critical info boards were not enough, kopp said. Berlin postcolonial also advocates renaming streets in berlin that commemorate colonialists.


Katschenreuth in poppenreuth faces high hurdle

The third matchday in the eastern district soccer league brings a home game for SSV kasendorf. On sunday (3 p.M.), the team of trainer christoph wachter receives spvgg bayreuth II. Vfr katschenreuth plays SV poppenreuth on sunday (3 p.M.). SSV kasendorf –

Spvgg bayreuth II

Already on the second matchday there was the first defeat for the SSV at the derby in katschenreuth (1:3). The fact that three important players were missing – head of defense philipp schubert, captain daniel grasgruber and jermaine mullen – is not a reason for the defeat for SSV coach christoph wachter: "it is certainly better when everyone is there. But that should not be an excuse." his team showed a good game and was dominating the game most of the time. But the goals were scored by katschenreuth. Decisive for the defeat was the double strike in the initial phase. "After that it was extremely difficult, especially in the heat, to turn the game around, says the SSV coach. "We had one or the other opportunity to still equalize. But the bottom line is a defeat."


Hoverborards: anyone who hovers is liable to prosecution

Hoverborards: Anyone who hovers is liable to prosecution

In the future vision of the time travel movie "back to the future II" from 1989, some technical innovations were predicted for the year 2015. In the film, for example, there are hovering skateboards, called "hoverboards". Unsurprisingly, this has not yet become a reality, but in fact devices called hoverboards have been sold for some time now. They correspond in their function mode however not completely to the film model.

"These are crimes." susanne kilian, specialist in traffic law

The principle is similar to the "segway," which has not become established as an everyday means of transportation, but is offered in almost every major city as a vehicle for special city tours. With an e-board, you are essentially standing on a motor-driven board with two wheels at the ends. In the middle is an axle that makes steering easier. Controlled exclusively by weight shifting and this created a feeling as if you were actually "floating" over the road. Speeds of more than 20 kilometers per hour can be reached, depending on the model. That’s where the problems start.


Spezialkeller bamberg – looking over the shoulder of the waiters and waitresses

Spezialkeller bamberg - looking over the shoulder of the waiters and waitresses

A hand reaches up. "A beer please!" hannah looks at the guest with a smile. "Comes immediately." two more hands go up in the air nearby. The 25-year-old student registers the wishes and rushes to the bar of the special cellar in bamberg. Here she works as a waitress.

The fourth season already. She enjoys her work, she explains. Because the guests are usually in a good mood be. If the weather is right, it’s just a matter of running, running, running. But then at least be something going on. Hannah likes this. She studies business education in the seventh semester. Goal: vocational school teacher. She can earn a good part of the money she needs for her studies in the cellar.

She got the job through her sister-in-law. She plays basketball, as do hannah and two other waitresses. We know each other.


Victory against landsberg: hec doesn’t let it get them down

Important victory for the HEC: the hochstadter bite themselves before 652 visitors by a play against a strong opponent and get themselves a sense of achievement.

Interlocking round

Hochstadter EC – HC landsberg 5:3 (1:1, 3:2, 1:0)

The first minutes of the game seemed like a finding phase on both sides, but the landsbergers declared it over with a bang: jonas schwarzfischer came through strongly and overcame HEC goalie benjamin dirksen with the first shot (3.). The first hochstadter attempt by jari neugebauer sailed past.


Germany for government rescue mission in the mediterranean sea

Germany for government rescue mission in the mediterranean Sea

The german government has reaffirmed its interest in a new governmental sea rescue mission in the mediterranean, based on the model of the EU operation sophia. "We participated in this mission with conviction," government spokesman steffen seibert said in berlin on friday.

However, there is currently no agreement in the EU on the distribution of refugees rescued in the mediterranean. "We would welcome a new mandate, if there was that agreement."

In the spring, the EU stopped its sophia naval mission off the libyan coast, which was launched in 2015, and can now no longer rescue migrants from distress at sea. The reason is that the member states have not been able to agree on a system for distributing those rescued. The original aim of the campaign was to stem migration from libya by combating smuggling.


Dangerous recycling: how highly toxic substances end up in everyday plastic products

Toys, key rings, hair ornaments: cheap items made from recycled plastic may contain toxic substances, according to a study. It is about so-calledbrominated flame retardants, most of which come from electrical waste, as the federation for environmental and nature conservation (BUND) announced on wednesday, citing an EU-wide study by several environmental associations. In certain cases, the regulations for the content in recycled products are more lax than for virgin material.

Altogether approximately 110 articles from 19 european union countries had been analyzed. "Only nine of the samples tested did not show elevated concentrations of pbdes", it is called in the BUND investigation. PBDE stands for polybrominated diphenyl ethers. In the ten products tested in germany, elevated concentrations were found in nine cases, measured against the limit value for new products, it was reported.

Three of the most dangerous substances in the world

A total of three substances had been searched for, which, according to BUND chemical expert manuel fernandez, are among the most dangerous in the world. Under the so-called stockholm convention, they are listed as persistent organic pollutants to be banned worldwide. The fact that toxins that are actually already banned are coming back into circulation in recycled products is "scandalous". The background of the regulations was obviously the intention to achieve higher recycling rates. Better controls are now urgently needed.


Open sunday: leithner stays out of it

open sunday: leithner stays out of it

"Our team wanted to be on sale sunday, 4. March 2018, being there for you – we must not! We ask for your understanding!" this sentence was written by robert leithner, manager of the intersport store in albert-ruckdeschel-street, at the end of a large newspaper advertisement. There is not only disappointment behind this, but also a fair amount of criticism: of the trade union verdi, the catholic workers’ movement (KAB) and the city of kulmbach.
In the latter, robert leithner had requested that the scope for 2018 be adjusted to the respective market situations. His suggestion: one could very well tackle an axis downtown – realparkplatz – intersport leithner-customer parking lot at the event flea market in september/october. He asked that a flexible solution be sought "because otherwise we would no longer see any reason to be involved in the retail trade in the city center".

Threat of lawsuit in the room

but nothing of the sort has happened. The one from tourism& event service (TUV) on 26. February the site plan sent by e-mail shows the area between the market square and the fritz shopping center as the area to be covered – so intersport leithner is once again left out. "We are a bit angry about this now, they are just taking the path of least resistance", says the owner. Resistance would indeed be expected if the city were to increase the area of application. The trade union verdi has already proven this several times in the form of lawsuits. However, leithner’s displeasure is not only directed against verdi, but also against the catholic employee movement (KAB), which works with the trade union.
After a service in st. Hedwig, where his daughter is an altar girl, he caught a KAB representative asking the girl for her opinion as part of the signature campaign against open sundays. "My daughter is only 14. When left-wing tours like this are used, you can imagine how people in germany try to create lobbies for themselves.", the sports expert is outraged. The KAB passes the data on to verdi, and the union then builds a construct to justify lawsuits.
Basically, robert leithner doesn’t understand why more and more restrictions have to take effect in a city that already has problems in the retail sector. "My employees are doing this voluntarily. We would have been there because we don’t want to work against our customers, but for them."

"Bound by law and order

"i can understand that some retailers have little understanding for the restriction of the spatial scope – but as a city we are bound by law and order. If we were to act differently, we would run the risk that the entire open sunday would be up for discussion and that no one would be allowed to open at all", emphasizes helmut volkl, operations manager for tourism& event service the city council’s resolution in february was also based on the originally large scope of application.
"Verdi lodged a supervisory complaint against this decision with the responsible legal authority, the district administration office", says volkl. There, in turn, the union’s concerns would have to be legally pursued. "The city then submitted the required statement to the district office. One of verdi’s main demands – and this applies nationwide – is, among other things, to significantly reduce the areas of application for such open sundays to the direct spatial surroundings of the event only. This means that our hands are tied as a city."
Kulmbach is no exception, continues volkl. "Cities such as bayreuth are in the same situation – in many other cities, such as munich, open sundays were even completely prevented by a lawsuit filed by verdi."
The legal basis for this was created by the federal administrative court and the bavarian administrative court in rulings in 2015. Among other things, these also state that the main attraction for the majority of visitors on this day must not be the open stores, but the event. Volkl: "unfortunately, i have to say, all this gives verdi the leverage to make sundays open for sale in this form much more difficult and to limit them severely."


Ifo: eastern economy will not catch up with the west until 2030

ifo: Eastern economy will not catch up with the West until 2030

This is what joachim ragnitz of the ifo institute in dresden said at a business talk in erfurt on monday. He believes it is unlikely that this goal will be achieved by the time the solidarity pact expires in 2019.

Regions such as those around jena, potsdam, dresden and leipzig are already in a good position and could therefore catch up more quickly. But the new federal states, with sparsely populated and structurally weak areas, were predominantly rural. "It drags down the overall picture," ragnitz said.

Ragnitz sees another reason for the weaker economic development in the east than in germany as a whole in the demographic development. A rapidly aging and shrinking population in the new german states is leading to a loss of purchasing power.


Grossbardorf’s gauls challenge bayern hof

Grossbardorf's Gauls challenge Bayern Hof

The winner of both games will play in the regionalliga sud next season."That is our dream. And we want to realize it", said grobbardorf’s coach hansjurgen ragati, who had another training session on monday, but then gave the team the day off. "Saturday’s game at FC sand cost energy. The boys should regenerate and clear their heads." the gaels won this match 4:3, thus reaching the relegation round – and sending the sander into the landesliga. "Those were special circumstances on that day. For me, it was important that my team came back from a 3-2 deficit. The will is there in any case", says ragati, who can fall back on all players with the exception of manuel orf. "In the head stands the first eleven. Only on one position I am not quite sure yet."

As a regional league team, spvgg bayern hof may be favored against the challenger, but the TSV coach by no means sees his team as outsiders. "We have as bayernligist nevertheless nothing to lose and now already a class round played. Each of my players will give everything for success." of course, ragati wants a victory, preferably without conceding a goal, to increase the pressure on the hofer before the second leg once again. Because with the upper franconians there is turmoil. With a win on the final matchday, they could have saved themselves. Instead, there was a 0:3 at the relegated vfl frohnlach. And consequences. Coach norbert schlegel, whose contract would probably not have been extended anyway, had to take his hat off. Youth coordinator henrik schodel and team manager daniel felgenhauer will coach the team in the two relegation games. By far the best scorer of the past season is daniel schaffler. The attacking midfielder has scored 15 goals in his career.

Ragati does not want to orient itself however large at the opponent. "We are focused on our game. We messed up the relegation last year, now we want to do better. And whoever wants to see the FC bayern munich reserves next year should come and support us." marketing boss andreas lampert is also hoping for a great stadium atmosphere in the future bioenergy arena, which will open on 15. June is to be inaugurated with large master program. Although the match is a safety game, no special circumstances await the visitors. "We are well positioned and get many people under us. Everything will proceed as normal."