“Help sent by god

Also the small town of “wirnt von grafenberc had to suffer from the consequences of the thirty years” war, as the village was located on an important trade route to nuremberg. However, the chroniclers of the town, all of them priests, saw it rather as god”s will to be drawn into the conflict.
The reason for this is simple: according to the chronicler hans ackermann, grafenberg has been protestant since around 1540. And since 1618, the beginning of the thirty years’ war, the religious war between protestant and catholic christians has been raging. "God sent help and salvation from sweden", wrote the other local chronicler and pastor gustav adler in 1850 when looking back on the war about the landing of the swedish king gustav II. Adolf on the island of usedom in 1630.

Capture of kunreuth

adler further wrote about god-fearing warriors "who burst into tears at the sight of the praying king". Adler entered the thirty years war with the year 1630, when the (catholic) "imperial soldiers" on 22. In november, the castle of the von egloffstein family in kunreuth was captured. Four weeks later these troops came to grafenberg and occupied the place.
The people of grafenberg got wind of it and fled in time. At leupoldstein some stragglers were caught up by the horsemen and plundered. The rest made it to pegnitz and bayreuth. "On 1. XII. 1631 afternoon 4 o’clock came grafenberger with woman and child and 14 wagons to pegnitz", reports the local chronicle.
One year later, on 24. November, croats came into the town, feared warriors of the opposing, catholic warlord wallenstein. They plundered the town "smashed and devastated everything", partially set fire to grafenberg and took everything they could use. Obviously it was an easy victory, because three months later the croats came again and plundered the place once more.
In 1633 the swedish soldiers – often even german mercenary troops – came to grafenberg for a third time. They had to defend nuremberg against wallenstein and needed for the huge army of about 70000 men a lot of food, which they "collected" around nuremberg. Since the people of grafenberg resisted the attack, "about 60 people were murderously shot, beaten and wounded", writes the chronicler adler. Grafenberg was burned in half, all food was taken away, which is why grafenberg even remained uninhabited for a while, as the remaining inhabitants had fled to nuremberg.

Trail of destruction

on 11. June 1633 the new swedish commander bernhard, duke of weimar – king gustav II. Adolf had fallen in the battle of lutzen – through grafenberg and the surrounding area and also left behind a trail of destruction. Guttenburg almost completely burned, grafenberg-hull burned, hiltpoltstein burned. Four weeks later grafenberg was taken again. This went on for a total of three years: once the imperial troops were in the village to plunder, then again the swedish soldiers.
The war actions lasted until 1635, reported local chronicler adler, after that there were also soldiers in the place. However, they did not plunder any more, but had to be fed and endured. "Anno 1635 the 8. October wallische and rotenberg 200 men billeted themselves and ate out grafenberg in 14 days", reports local chronicler adler depressingly.
The war time had devastated the country and halved the population. "You walk ten miles and you don’t see one person, not one cattle, not one sparrow. In all villages the remaining houses are full of corpses: man, woman, child, horses, pigs next to and among each other, strangled by hunger and the plague, gnawed on by wolves and crows, because there is no one to bury and mourn them.", reports an eyewitness.
Also the discipline and order among the citizens suffered from the rough treatment. In grafenberg, the "new gallows" was the scene hans lang from regenthal was hanged because he was caught as a thief and woman abuser. Another time a certain hans behem was put in the pillory and expelled from the country for blasphemy. At a wedding in forchheim he is said to have shouted:"… That the thunder and hail should strike god in heaven, because he let the horsemen and soldiers devastate the land".


Special report analyzes shortcomings of french economy

Special report analyzes shortcomings of French economy

It is presented by the former head of the aircraft and armaments manufacturer EADS, louis gallois. Prime minister jean-marc ayrault will receive the report requested by the government.

Six months after the socialists’ election victory, president francois hollande continues to struggle with rising unemployment, weak economic balances and a deficit-ridden budget. The head of state has already announced that a "competitiveness pact" should bring about a lasting improvement in the country’s situation. To this end, he wants to introduce comprehensive reforms, for example in labor costs, before the end of november. Employers demand relief of 30 billion euros.

BenoƮt hamon, minister of social economy attached to the ministry of economy, told the radio station europa1 on sunday that the implementation of such a demand would be tantamount to a "shock to purchasing power". Hamon pointed out that the gallois opinion was a contribution: "it is the government that governs."


Obernbreit pastor adam possmayer proclaims a year of joy

"We are happy today to be able to celebrate this special service", said catholic priest adam possmayer at the anniversary service in obernbreit to mark the 50th consecration of church st. Maria regina in 1970. "We would like to welcome even more worshipers with us, because we have room for 600 people", confessed the clergyman and at the same time also expressed his joy about the progress of the ongoing parish hall renovation.

As parish priest possmayer explained, the church st. Maria regina was inaugurated in july 1970 by the then auxiliary bishop alfons kempf and father engelbert spielmann. This gave the church, which was built in the second half of the 20th century, a new look. The catholic parish, which was re-established at the beginning of the twentieth century, has a place of worship. "We proclaim a year of joy, of rejoicing in god", said the pastor and paid tribute to the people who had done a lot for the house of worship and the church community in the past 50 years.

New objectivity

The external form of the church must be fulfilled with the internal content of the parishioners as living stones. The holy house had been built as a typical example of modern church architecture of the new objectivity under the direction of the wurzburg cathedral master builder hans schadel. The church is adjoined by the large parish hall and three youth rooms. Maria regina, the church is dedicated to the mother of god and all the saints, but it is still a church of christ.


Parking fines will soon be issued in schwarzach for parking violations

In the most recent citizens’ meetings in schwarzach, parking problems were a major topic in all parts of the village. After many complaints about wrong parkers with endangerments and obstructions the local council spoke out in its meeting on tuesday with twelve to two voices for a local traffic supervision.

Whether the traffic supervisors of the city dettelbach or the administration community (VG) wiesentheid distribute parking tickets in the stationary traffic, is still open. The administration would first like to determine the respective costs and conditions for an entry.

Dettelbach, prichsenstadt, gerolzhofen, volkach and marktbreit have joined forces to form the dettelbach municipal traffic control association. The stationary traffic in mainbernheim and prichsenstadt, on the other hand, is controlled by the nuremberg security and locking company.


Gotz aly talks about the european holocaust

Gotz aly talks about the european holocaust

The well-known historian gotz aly gives a guest lecture and discussion in cooperation with the dig-franken (german-israeli society) and the IKG (israelitische kultusgemeinde) at the buch- und medienhaus hubscher on wednesday, 22nd november. March, at 8 p.M.
In his new, large overall presentation "europe against the jews 1880-1945" gotz aly shows that the holocaust cannot be explained by german history alone. In both western and eastern europe, anti-semitism and hostility toward jews had increased sharply since 1880, driven by nationalism and social crises. For the first time, the historian here presents modern anti-semitism as a transnational phenomenon. Without diminishing the guilt of the german perpetrators, he shows how rivalry and envy, discrimination and pogroms have been the norm since the end of the 19th century. The fact that in many places the nineteenth century contributed to preparing the ground for deportations and genocide. During the second world war, the nazi occupiers murdered six million jews, most of them in eastern europe, sometimes with the help of local police and authorities. With his pan-european view, gotz aly enables a new, comprehensive understanding of the holocaust.
Gotz aly is a historian and journalist. He has received several awards: the heinrich mann prize in 2002, the marion samuel prize in 2003, and the ludwig boernes prize in 2012. Most recently he published the volume "why the germans? Why the jews? Equality, envy and racial hatred 1800-1933".


The date for the ninth world cultural heritage run has been set: 5. May 2019

The date for the ninth world cultural heritage run has been set: 5. May 2019

Good news for all running enthusiasts in the region: there will be a next world cultural heritage run. This was announced by the organizing team of the running event on friday. The exact date for the ninth edition of northern bavaria’s largest running event has also already been set: it is sunday, 5. May 2019, which corresponds to the two-year rhythm of the run.
"We will inform runners and spectators about all further details in the coming weeks and months – but at this point we can already say that registration will probably be possible from october", explains head of organization reiner schell. In general, it can be said at the present time that the proven structure of the world cultural heritage run will essentially be retained: there will continue to be bambini and schoolchildren’s runs as well as several adult runs up to the half marathon. In addition, the event is to have the character of a large civic festival, as in previous years. Mayor andreas starke (SPD) has already agreed to once again take over the patronage of the world cultural run, the organizers, who continue to work almost exclusively on a voluntary basis, are pleased to report. Also, several title sponsors had already signaled their willingness to support the event again.
While the organizing team is now preparing for the 5. May 2019, there is now reason enough for the running fans to stay in training. "Now that it’s certain that there will be a ninth edition, no one has an excuse to leave their running shoes in the corner on gloomy autumn days", says helmut muller, chairman of the world cultural running association.


There is nothing that does not exist: coburg companies at the international toy fair

Somehow it is hard to put down the doll anke gotz-beyer is presenting at the booth of gotz puppenmanufaktur at the nuremberg toy fair. She feels so different from most other dolls. "It is made of 100 percent natural rubber", explains anke gotz-beyer. An attempt to go a different way in the plastic world of toys.

"More and more customers have become ecologically sensitive", says business promoter martin schmitz. Together with deputy district administrator rainer mattern and ebersdorf’s mayor bernd reisenweber, he visits companies in the region at the nuremberg trade fair. The rubber doll is produced in barcelona for gotz. To further emphasize its environmental credentials, the company plants a tree for every doll sold. The price of rubber, the demand and the so far low mobility of the doll, currently limit the number of pieces.

A large part of the rodentaler gotz dolls is manufactured in china. There are play dolls in wide variety. "It will be a long time before we can produce there in a CO2-neutral way", knows anke gotz -beyer. But after all, customers can also access the doll made of the natural material rubber.


Bundestag election: anette kramme (spd) wants to take countermeasures

Bundestag election: Anette Kramme (SPD) wants to take countermeasures

Anette kramme (SPD), a member of the bundestag, describes her greatest political success as her involvement in the introduction of the minimum wage. She is running for the SPD in the bayreuth/forchheim constituency for the fifth time in a row to represent the region in the german bundestag.

Member of the SPD, the parliamentary state secretary in the federal ministry of labor and social affairs since 1988. "I joined because I wanted to set a sign against the doctrines of my bayreuth professors. There were gentlemen who wanted to restrict the right to vote and the freedom of the press, and who considered any form of abortion to be murder.", kramme recalls.

She preferred to stick with willy brandt. Although she also liked herbert wehner’s pithy quotes, which she still has in the form of a book at home, brand was the epitome of a peace politician for her.


Inspired by silence

Inspired by silence

Artist, curator, gallery owner – erlangen-born artist birgit nadrau develops highly sensitive works that thrive on precision and attention to detail. In her paintings as well as in her drawings on thin aluminum sheets, but also in her objects, nadrau makes visible a soundless world of things and nature. With her portraits reduced to essential statements, she highlights people in a special way from everyday events, says a statement from the metropolitan region.

The renunciation of real backgrounds, in whose place it puts full-area impact metal, gives the sitters an aura reminiscent of the transcendence of medieval gold ground painting. For example, it depicts young people quietly communicating with the virtual world of their smartphones or letting their gaze wander into the distance. With these works, the artist shows contemplative views of her contemporaries, who seem to have escaped the stress and the abundance of images of everyday life.

Her installations pay tribute to the banal and inconspicuous object as well as the absurdity of many a situation. Multiplied and put into an order scheme, the artist gives objects an extraordinary aesthetics. These can be articles from the supermarket as well as mementos from one’s own family history. By structure and set of rules nadrau gives to the everyday in such a way an extended and also new sense context.


Cold record: april icier than at any time in 40 years

  • The april 2021 is one of the coldest april months since the beginning of weather recording
  • The month was as cold as for 40 years
  • What temperatures await us in may?

The month has come to an end, and what had been foreshadowed has now been confirmed: april has not been as cold as this year for 40 years. Already recently, the graduate meteorologist and weather expert dominik jung predicted that april 2021 would be one of the coldest april months, since the beginning of weather records 1881 in germany will include.

Cold record in april: month as cold as it has not been for 40 years

A look at the past makes the temperature difference particularly clear: in the years from 1991 to 2020, the average temperature at the end of april is 9 degrees. This year, however, the average is just 6.1 degrees. The coldest april brought it in the year 1917 on the average on 4,3 degrees. Colder than 2021 were only 1929 with 4.5 degrees and 1903 with 4.6 degrees on average. "Normal are according to the new climate average 1991 to 2020 9 degrees. We are miles away from that. Even the old climate average of 1961 to 1990 with 7.4 degrees will not be reached", said the weather expert jung shortly before.

The month had begun with an almost early summer, especially in southwestern germany. In mullheim, south of freiburg, there was with 25.9 degrees the monthly maximum value. But cool northerly winds quickly took over, pushing temperature levels down significantly. After years of very warm april months, this year’s easter month ended up being the coolest since 1980. In addition, there were unusually frequent frosts, a DWD spokesman said. The cool temperatures this april did not mean a lack of sunshine, however: at 185 hours, april’s sunshine duration was about 20 percent above its target of 154 hours.