Fcbayern:hot competition in the world cup year

FCBayern:Hot competition in the World Cup year

Shortly before the start of the new bundesliga season, the two most powerful coaches in german soccer met in good spirits. Joachim low paid pep guardiola a visit at the FC bayern club grounds.

"It was a pleasure for me to get to know him. It was very, very nice, very polite," guardiola reported of low’s flying visit. "We have talked about various topics, one of which was of course bastian and his state of fitness. We have no doubts about his qualities. He is one of the best players in the world. But he was injured for more than a month – he needs time to get a good fitness."

Schweinsteiger is therefore not part of the national team’s lineup next wednesday against paraguay. The "pre-glow for the world cup," as low called it. The competition between bayern’s professional players has long been a hot one. And playing time is doubly important in a world cup year. One and a half dozen national players – from the DFB protagonists to foreign stars such as arjen robben, franck ribery or thiago alcantara – want to recommend themselves for their selection teams on the way to brazil and even more so for the tournament itself. As in the season opener on (today’s) friday evening against borussia monchengladbach, professionals with an immense market value will always have to sit on the bench or even in the stands.


Fc sand gets the maximum out of the race

FC sand gets the maximum out of the race

Tobias schneider the fourth win in a row failed to materialize, but FC sand proved its good form at the wurzburger kickers II and can regard the 2:2 as a further step in the right direction. But due to injury and suspension, two of the FC’s mainstays will have to take a break for the time being. Wurzburger kickers II – FC sand 2:2

Against the hosts’ very young eleven, with an average age of just 19.27, the visitors tried to take control of the game from the start. Don’t wait and see, but act directly. You could feel that the past performances had boosted the confidence of the sander. And the guests had already after six minutes the goal scream on the lips: sven wieczorek conquered 25 meters before the goal the ball and spitzelte by to shaban rugovaj. This marched a few more meters, but set the game device in the fall from twelve meters just next to the post.

Wurzburg remained pale for the time being and had difficulties to maintain the ball against the biting sander. When it seemed that the kickers would get into the game better, it hit the other side: after a corner ball, johannes bechmann rose into the air and nodded in the 1:0 (16.) – the hesitant keeper did not cut the best figure. A goal, however, that awakened the spirits of the hosts. Wurzburg forced the game over the wings and asserted itself there more often than FC coach dieter schlereth could have liked.


Carnival season of the kokage wiesentheid opens

After the church service on friday the members of the wiesentheider kolping-karneval-gesellschaft, short kokage, gathered for the carnival kick-off in the sports home in geesdorf.

Rebuke from the president

After the entrance of the elferrat and the guard there was first of all a rebuke from the president to the present guests: only few had stood up to greet the entrants. He exhorted the audience to "be ready at all times". This was soon no longer difficult for the hall, because immediately after the order exchange and the greeting of the new office bearers and office bearers the "pumuckls" tore the spectators from their chairs with enthusiasm. The dance group of the smallest, consisting of 33 children from three years, performed in great colorful costumes, colorful make-up and wigs.

The immersion in the carnival world was now successful. The dance show told a story and was elaborately choreographed. Even if the little ones still lack some stage experience – the fact that they regularly train well was evident from their appearance. The dancing couple and rainbow guard performing at the end were also a feast for the eyes.


Four coaching debuts and a comeback in focus

Four coaching debuts and a comeback in focus

And in hamburg, a crisis summit is about to take place: the start of the 55th soccer season. Bundesliga season will be anything but quiet.

The 55. Bundesliga season started like the four previous ones: bayern munchen played the opening match as german soccer champion and set a first sign to the competitors like borussia dortmund or RB leipzig with the 3:1 victory against bayer leverkusen.

Dutchman peter bosz will start for dortmunder on saturday (15 p.M.).30 p.M.) will make his bundesliga debut as one of four coaches at the match against vfl wolfsburg. In the top match this evening (18.30 p.M.), runners-up leipzig will take on FC schalke 04, who, like their rivals BVB in the ruhr, want to return to the top with a newcomer to the first division on the coaching staff.


Catholics celebrate recognition of their religion 1700 years ago

Catholics celebrate recognition of their religion 1700 years ago

In 313, the western roman emperor constantine the great and the eastern roman emperor licinius signed the so-called milan agreement, putting christianity, which had been persecuted until then, on an equal footing with all other religions. Konstantin was born in what is now serbian nis.

In his sermon, cardinal scola described faith as "reconciliation and not the divisiveness of people. In contrast, "unfortunately, excessive individualism is spreading more and more," he lamented. Nevertheless, he does not see the christian faith as being threatened: "christianity has a great future in europe."

Emperor constantine had defeated his adversary at rome in the year before the milanese agreement. Before the decisive battle, according to legend, he had seen in a dream a christian cross with the message "in this sign you will be victorious". So he ordered his soldiers to paint this symbol on their shields.


27 New helpers will support the thw in the future

Last saturday, trainee helpers and supervisors from nine THW local associations of the bamberg district met at THW kirchehrenbach for their basic training examination. At the end of the day, all the new helpers were beaming – twelve of them will in future be performing their duties in the local associations of forchheim and kirchehrenbach.
It started with a theoretical part. Immediately afterwards, the volunteers were tested in a practical examination. At a total of six different stations, they had to complete tasks such as caring for the injured and transporting them, working with the cutting grinder, rescue shears and spreader, connecting wood with lines, moving loads using a hoist and working with the submersible pump. At the end of the day, examination leader daniel schell from the bad staffelstein local association and jurgen hofmann from the mellrichstadt local association were able to welcome four new female helpers and 23 new male helpers to the THW family.

The youth remains THW

a pleasing aspect of the new helpers: the new helpers do not only come from the respective THW youth groups. Also older interested people had found the way to the THW and had taken their exam last saturday.
Not only the exam took place in the district – the THW can look forward to further support. Twelve of the newly trained helpers will immediately begin their work in the units of the THW local associations forchheim and kirchehrenbach.
Karoline kotter


Stralsbach forest: red kite seeks new eyrie

"The whole thing is a real malaise, michael geier, head of administration of the bavarian part of the biosphere reserve, says about the incident in the stralsbach forest. The milan is a bird species worth protecting in the rhon region. The cross-border red kite project was set up specifically for this purpose. It should protect the bird, which stands for the cultural landscape like no other, in its preferred habitat. Volunteers from the biosphere reserve are mapping the eyrie for this purpose.

Nest found on the ground

when one of these helpers wanted to check a site in the stralsbach forest on founding thursday, where three horsts were relatively close to each other, she found a nest on the ground. And one that was still incubating last year. She also saw forestry workers clearing wood nearby. And that in the protection period. Michael geier got to the bottom of the matter. The central question here: was the horst brought down by a storm or by forest workers?

"I can’t see any preconceived notion", he evaluates at a press meeting on site. "We foresters do know that the red kite from the 1. February to 31. July has protection time. The only thing is that our window of opportunity to get the main blow or the wind break out of the forest is getting narrower and narrower," he said at a press conference, bernhard zurner, head of the department of nutrition, agriculture and forestry for the district of bad kissingen, adds.


Security authorities: more networked against right-wing networks

Horst seehofer speaks of an "ugly trail of blood starting from NSU to halle. Danger from right-wing extremists – not only since today, the federal minister of the interior wants to say with it.

But it wasn’t until this year that politicians and authorities really got their act together, under the impact of the murder of kassel’s president walter lubcke (CDU) and the anti-semitic terrorist attack in halle. On tuesday, the head of the federal criminal police office (BKA), holger munch, and the president of the office for the protection of the constitution, thomas haldenwang, joined seehofer (CSU) in berlin to explain what changes are to be made in their agencies.

"We have to take a much broader stance in the fight against right-wing extremism," says haldenwang – with more personnel, with new content. 600 new jobs approved by the bundestag after the halle attack. Half for the BKA and half for the federal office for the protection of the constitution (bfv). In addition, there are already 500 extra positions planned for the BKA, which are also not intended solely for the fight against right-wing extremism.


No to the power line in the district of habberge

no to the power line in the district of habberge

The district council does not want another 380-kilovolt power line to pass through the district of hassberge. The municipalities in the district do not want this either, and neither do the neighboring districts of schweinfurt and coburg. But: "the federal government decides", said district administrator wilhelm schneider (CSU) at yesterday's meeting of the district council.
Last year, the federal network agency determined the need for the "P44" line recognized again for the target year 2030, adelinde friedrich, head of the department of construction and environment at the district administration office, informed the district council committee about the topic. The district council yesterday reaffirmed its intention to take a clear position together with other municipalities in the district (hofheim alliance, ebern, konigsberg, untermerzbach) as well as with schweinfurt and coburg and to say "no to the planned P44 power line. "The need is not given for us and also not proved", said district administrator schneider.
The route was not necessary and should be prevented. District council member and member of the state parliament steffen vogel explained that this opinion is also shared at the state level. The government sees that it cannot be that grafenrheinfeld (schweinfurt district) "has to bundle 25 percent of germany's electricity needs", said vogel. In fact, where the nuclear power plant operated until 2015, there is a larger power grid infrastructure that would seem to lend itself well to expansion, according to the federal grid agency's needs plans.
The power line would then probably run along federal highway 303 through the district of hassberge.
The district council members agreed that decentralized power supply through a mix of renewable energies is the right way to go, and that this is already the way to go. Odp district councillor rainer baumgartner once again warned of the sheer size of such a line and its enormous land consumption: "compared to that, a wind farm like the one we have built is a small gnat's bite." 


Soon no more chinese massage in bad kissingen?

Soon no more Chinese massage in Bad Kissingen?

Karl heinz laudenbach (CSU/party-less), the mayor of bad kissingen at that time, was so proud. From bad kissingen, the liangtse group wanted to cover all of europe with medical massage salons. Nothing came of it. On the contrary, the dragon may even take off soon and return to the middle kingdom.

The branch at bismarckstrasse 27 exudes a rather brittle charm. The plaster is peeling, the restaurant has been "temporary" for a long time densely. At the entrance there is a notice with the following words: "important. From 01. 12. In 2013 our wellness will be closed for at least one year because of reconstruction. We ask you to redeem your vouchers in time with us. Thank you for your understanding. Your china liangtse team."

No further information

because of reconstruction? At least one year? And then it’s reopening? Really? The lady on the phone answers with a hesitant yes. Then she politely stalls the conversation. She could not say more. Goodbye.

Regular customer margarete G. Is sour. She still has ten vouchers worth around 300 euros. She wanted to use some of them as a christmas present. Margarete G. "I think it’s outrageous that you should now redeem them all in the next 14 days." she was put off by a member of staff, who said that a solution would probably be found by the end of the month.