Blink blink: how we communicate by blinking

Blink Blink: How we communicate by blinking

The way to blink has an influence on the speech behavior of an interlocutor. Results from the max planck institute for psycholinguistics in nijmegen indicate this.

The team led by paul homke was able to show that test subjects gave shorter answers to questions when the individual blinks of their counterpart lasted longer. Slower blinking possibly signals to the interlocutor that one has understood his answer, the researchers write in the scientific journal "PLOS one".

People blink more than 10 times on average.000 times a day. The blinks serve among other things to wet the eyeballs so that they do not dry out. But do blinks also serve as a kind of feedback within a conversation, similar to a nod of the head?


Valuable historical research: new documents for district local historian

The preservation of the local heritage has been in very good hands in the district for years. District administrator thomas bold appreciated the work of werner eberth, roland heinlein, cornelia mence and christian neugebauer in the cultural committee accordingly: "the district local historians devote themselves intensively to the most diverse topics and perform very valuable work." in the committee they were now presented with their new certificates until 2024.

Every five years, the honorary local historians are newly appointed to this office. Cornelia mence was chosen for this honorary position in january 2007 for the old district of bad bruckenau. She has, independently of this function, together with her husband, the topic "jewish in the district of bad kissingen" and published two interesting books.

Diverse topics

In the summer of 2008, roland heinlein followed in the footsteps of the former district local historian adolf waibel for the hammelburg area. The hobbyhorse of the studied archaeologist is – how could it be otherwise – of course archaeology. If a soil find is made somewhere in the areas around hammelburg or bad bruckenau, heinlein is immediately on the spot.


Bayer 04 wants to win the cup in mainz-k.o. Make up for it

FSV mainz 05 and bayer leverkusen can quickly make amends after their defeats in recent compulsory matches.

"When we’ve played like we did in heidenheim, it’s good to get right back into the game. The focus is on mainz," said bayer head coach peter bosz ahead of today’s match (20:00).30 o’clock/eurosport).

Neither had been convincing lately. The werkself was knocked out of the cup by the baden-wurttemberg second-division soccer team with a score of 1:2 on tuesday. Last sunday, the mainz team played its worst league match of the season at FC augsburg (0:3).


Arbitrator mediates in pilot strike at sas

Arbitrator mediates in pilot strike at SAS

Due to the pilots’ strike at the airline SAS, vacationers and business travelers in scandinavia must continue to reckon with problems in air travel.

In norway, companies and unions are now relying on the mediation of the national conciliator mats wilhelm ruland; talks began on wednesday. SAS was confident to reach an agreement with ruland’s help. "It is the only way to solve the conflict", said a company spokeswoman. Since the strike began, more than 3300 flights have been canceled, affecting about 327,000 passengers. Among them were also connections to germany.

On wednesday alone, more than 500 connections were canceled, SAS canceled another 280 connections with about 20,000 travelers for this thursday.


Cup exclusion for dresden lifted

Cup exclusion for Dresden lifted

However, the traditional club will be punished for the riots of its fans in dortmund with a "ghost match" in the 2. Bundesliga, an away game without its own fans and a fine of 100,000 euros punished. This verdict was handed down by the federal court of the german football association (DFB) at the appeal hearing on 23. February in frankfurt. "This penalty must be a clear final warning to the club," said presiding judge goetz eilers, who followed the request of the control committee chairman anton nachreiner.

After the four-hour hearing and three hours of wrangling behind closed doors at DFB headquarters, the panel wanted to uphold the first-instance ruling of the sports court on 24. November not confirm. The penalty, unique in german soccer, was imposed after massive rioting by dynamo fans in the second-round cup match on 25. October in dortmund takes place. Dresden accepted the second verdict and will refrain from going to the permanent neutral arbitration court for clubs and corporations of the licensed leagues.

In the league match against FC ingolstadt on 11. Dresden must play in empty stadium. On 16. March at eintracht frankfurt may not watch dynamo fans. Dresden must pay the loss of revenue of the current league leader. In addition, the 100,000 euro fine. Dynamo lawyer schickhardt spoke of a "very intense, very strict" verdict with "great harshness," but also showed relief and promised, "we have learned our lesson."


Brazil bans burning in amazonia for 120 days

Brazil bans burning in amazonia for 120 days

Faced with increasing pressure from foreign investors and domestic companies, the brazilian government has banned the burning of areas in the amazon and the pantanal for 120 days.

The decree, signed by environment minister ricardo salles and president jair bolsonaro, was published on thursday in the official gazette "diario oficial" and also came into force that day. Observers interpret the move as another attempt by the government to improve brazil’s image abroad.

On wednesday, vice president hamilton mourao had said the country’s armed forces could remain in amazonia until 2022 to fight deforestation and fires. The decree does, however, make exceptions for controlled fires for agricultural purposes outside the amazon and pantanal regions. Farmers use the fire to clear the soil cheaply and reclaim already deforested land for agriculture and cattle breeding. The amazon region recorded the worst fires for the month in 13 years in june.


The next bridge construction site

After the thulba bridge near untererthal and the saale bridge in hammelburg, the next structure is now to be built: the bridge on the B 287 over the railroad line near euerdorf. It won’t be completely torn down and rebuilt, but it will still be extensively renovated.

Since one week the preparations for it run. Since then, vehicles have been directed across the bridge in a single lane. A traffic light regulates the. Because of this, traffic can back up, especially if several trucks are waiting in line, according to one motorist. The delays by the traffic light times hold themselves however on the whole in borders.

The construction work is divided into two sections: first one side of the roadway will be resurfaced, then the other. Everything runs the same, as the state building authority schweinfurt explains. First, a protective scaffolding is erected over the railroad line. After that, the protective equipment such as the sliding wall and railings will come away so that demolition of the canopy can begin. The asphalt layer and old waterproofing will also be removed down to the bare concrete, according to the state building department.


Marktgraitz building yard does not get top marks

Marktgraitz building yard does not get top marks

An inspection of the municipal building yard by an employee of the municipal accident insurance had revealed some small deficiencies, as became obvious in the recent meeting of the municipal council in the gymnasium.

The following main findings were made: there is no anchor point for rescue equipment, such as a so-called tripod, for entry into sewer shafts and enclosed spaces of sewage facilities. In the event of an accident in the enclosed space, employees could therefore not be rescued in time. The appropriate rescue equipment (tripod) is now purchased.

The fall edges at the storage floor and at the stairs to the storage floor have so far only been provided with insufficient fall protection or. The church was equipped with insufficient safety devices against falling objects. Appropriate fall protection must now be retrofitted. For the self-built storage floor, the permissible load capacity must be determined. Further, the circular saw is not equipped with an easily accessible emergency stop switch and must be retrofitted. Wood dust from sawing work must be collected using a low-dust vacuuming method. In this case, an approved industrial vacuum cleaner of dust class M must be procured.


A place to rest

Whoever hiked from the parking lot guckaspass to the kreuzberg, needed stamina. A resting bench or a place to rest on the way up to the kreuzberg did not exist. This is now different. A table and two benches invite to linger.
Klaus spitzl, managing director of the nature park association& biosphere reserve bavarian rhon was pleased that mayor georg seiffert and the vice chairman of the rhonklub zweigverein wildflecken ottmar bohn had come to the handover of this small recreational facility. "In the fall of last year, district administrator habermann had suggested installing a seating area on the path to the kreuzberg in the forest. The bavarian rhon nature park then contacted the town of bischofsheim as the owner of the forest area there and erected two benches and a table there", spitzl summarized.
The hikers’ parking lot guckaspass, located between langenleiten and wildflecken on the state road 2267, is very popular with visitors to the bavarian rhon. From there, hikes are undertaken to the kissinger hut or to the kreuzberg monastery. The districts of bad kissingen and rhon-grabfeld as well as the city of bischofsheim and the market town of wildflecken had established this hikers’ parking area in 2011. The route from there to the kreuzberg is also popular with pilgrims.
Ottmar bohn, who himself leads hikes to the kreuzberg, assured that the seating area would be an enrichment and would certainly be well received. Also for mayor georg seiffert it was natural to agree to the installation of this seating group.


Praise for the road expansion

Praise for the road expansion

In the center of the annual meeting of the CSU local association breitbrunn was the election of the local executive committee. The previous chairman cynthia derra was unanimously confirmed in her office. Julia baum and gunther geiling were elected as deputies, as the CSU announced.

In her report, chairwoman cynthia derra explained that during a bicycle tour it was discovered that in recent years a great deal had been invested in the expansion of state roads in the "holy lands" has been invested. This applies both to the expansion of the state road from ebelsbach to breitbrunn with the bike path and the expansion of the state road in the lautergrund, which is now to be continued from kottendorf to kirchlauter.

She announced a tour of the auenland beef gmbh plant in hofheim in august. Julia baum is taking applications.