Strong together in difficult times

Strong together in difficult times

Helpers from the kirchehrenbach volunteer fire department (F) and the kirchehrenbach technical relief organization (THW) met for their second joint training session on saturday in bright sunshine to learn about each other’s equipment and strengthen their working relationship.

While in the past year the planning of the F kirchehrenbach took place, took over this year unit leader stefan lalla and platoon leader volker gebhard the planning of the service. With three different tasks the volunteers of F and THW occupied themselves on saturday afternoon. In addition to the technical training, the cooperation between the two organizations should be strengthened, so the teams were mixed and divided into three groups to try out all three training contents in turn.

Personal rescue

"Technical assistance on traffic routes" was one of the three stations at which the helpers tried their hand. Under the guidance of firefighter rolf bergmann, they tried out various ways of rescuing people from crashed vehicles. Here, the THW workers learned about the different ways firefighters can open windshields. Also the handling of scissors and spreader for opening car doors. As an example of an alternative, the firefighters demonstrated the so-called oslo method to the THW members, in which a badly demolished vehicle can be pulled apart by means of chains and fixed points. This would make it easier to rescue an injured person from a vehicle.


A giant party in pink

A growing number of participants dressed in pink shirts filled the marketplace to show their support for the goals of breast cancer prevention. Despite the busy schedule, european member of parliament anja weisgerber had taken over the patronage of the event and, together with her daughter and district administrator thomas bold, gave the go-ahead for the start at 11 a.M. She stressed the importance of cancer prevention, especially for the most common cancer in women, breast cancer. "This is also an important topic in the european parliament", said weisgerber.

Before the start, tina zeller and petra morschhauser from the sinnflut team warmed up the participants with their zumba classes. And so everyone – running, jogging, walking or simply strolling at their favorite pace – was able to reach the finish line without any accidents.

Twelve-year-old lara mahlmeister and heike kotzner from volkers had already completed the course after 37 minutes. After less than two hours, the big finish clock could already be taken down again, because everyone had reached the finish line, whether with baby carriages or walking aids. And even a spry senior citizen in a wheelchair was among them.


Kissinger summer: performance by rajaton in bad neustadt

Kissinger summer: performance by rajaton in bad neustadt

Queen, sting and beatles instead of mozart, bach or wagner. No dignified hall from the imperial era, but stylish practicality of the new city hall in bad neustadt. After all, the "german design award" in 2018 excellent. No orpheus with harp in the ceiling painting, but instead a spacious foyer turns into an inviting bar. Chatting over champagne at elegant bar tables. In the hall, noble materials and rows of chairs arranged in a wedge shape, pleasantly airy, the whole row does not have to stand up if someone arrives a little late. And then the sound! Bright, clear, audibly different and a welcome gain for the kissinger summer, which is staying in this hall for the second time as a guest. "Varietas delectat, variety delights", the latin man gets to the point.

Offer for the younger generation

The ambience of the stadthalle is an invitation to give the festival one of the most welcome splashes of color that the visitors appreciate, the "class music who want to listen but are not really classical music fans. Like "rajaton. Good music in a special way. Six highly gifted singers from finland, whose unique a cappella culture has been confirmed world-class for years. This is a highly professional ensemble with impressive voices. This is not just singing, they send sounds like a big orchestra playfully light through the hall. Perfectly dubbed by an expert on the mixing desk, plus a sophisticated choreography that does not repeat itself even once. Great cinema!

The discovery of reverberation

An accompanying band plays in the background? No, everything is formulated with the voice, the chest becomes the sounding board of cuban bongos, the soprano plucks the pizzicati of the violin and the tenor rounds off sound and rhythm as a double bass. The sounds are layered, piled up, float and get lost, come back again. You hear clarinet and oboe, see saxophone and trombone before you. When have you ever heard "we can work it out"? Heard from the beatles so cleverly alienated? Rajaton also does stings "I was brougth to my senses" to a work of art.


Royal dignity remains in the family

Royal dignity remains in the family

Jurgen dorsch is the new king of hohenfelder schutzen. In the late afternoon on kirchweihmondag, the holiday of the protectors in the kitzingen district, the secret about the new majesty was revealed. And so it is also clear that the title remains in the family: the new king jurgen is the father of the old king, michael dorsch.

It was again that special festive day of hohenfelder schutzen on kirchweihmonday. Together with the protection commissioner, kitzingen’s mayor stefan guntner, who was picked up at the old town hall, the protectors marched through the village to the sound of the groblangheim musicians, in order to line up the old sovereigns, the still reigning protection king, youth king, citizen king and citizen queen in the procession. After four hours they reached the schutzhaus.

Arriving there in the late afternoon, the highlight of the shooting year began: the proclamation of the new kings. Shooting master michael graber was assisted by mayor stefan guntner, who made the proclamation exciting and for whom the shooting parade is the "longest representation of the lord mayor.


Criticism of colonial monuments – “just the tip of the iceberg”

Criticism of colonial monuments - 'just the tip of the iceberg'

Against the backdrop of the racism debate, colonial monuments are being toppled in other countries – in germany, too, there is criticism of such statues.

From the point of view of the berlin postcolonial initiative, however, simply dismantling monuments with a colonial connection in germany is not enough. "Colonial monuments should not simply be cleared away," spokesman christian kopp told the deutsche presse agency. In his view, it would be more constructive to invite artists from former colonies, for example, to break the effect of the statues, to develop counter-monuments or to alienate them.

Critical info boards were not enough, kopp said. Berlin postcolonial also advocates renaming streets in berlin that commemorate colonialists.


Katschenreuth in poppenreuth faces high hurdle

The third matchday in the eastern district soccer league brings a home game for SSV kasendorf. On sunday (3 p.M.), the team of trainer christoph wachter receives spvgg bayreuth II. Vfr katschenreuth plays SV poppenreuth on sunday (3 p.M.). SSV kasendorf –

Spvgg bayreuth II

Already on the second matchday there was the first defeat for the SSV at the derby in katschenreuth (1:3). The fact that three important players were missing – head of defense philipp schubert, captain daniel grasgruber and jermaine mullen – is not a reason for the defeat for SSV coach christoph wachter: "it is certainly better when everyone is there. But that should not be an excuse." his team showed a good game and was dominating the game most of the time. But the goals were scored by katschenreuth. Decisive for the defeat was the double strike in the initial phase. "After that it was extremely difficult, especially in the heat, to turn the game around, says the SSV coach. "We had one or the other opportunity to still equalize. But the bottom line is a defeat."


Hoverborards: anyone who hovers is liable to prosecution

Hoverborards: Anyone who hovers is liable to prosecution

In the future vision of the time travel movie "back to the future II" from 1989, some technical innovations were predicted for the year 2015. In the film, for example, there are hovering skateboards, called "hoverboards". Unsurprisingly, this has not yet become a reality, but in fact devices called hoverboards have been sold for some time now. They correspond in their function mode however not completely to the film model.

"These are crimes." susanne kilian, specialist in traffic law

The principle is similar to the "segway," which has not become established as an everyday means of transportation, but is offered in almost every major city as a vehicle for special city tours. With an e-board, you are essentially standing on a motor-driven board with two wheels at the ends. In the middle is an axle that makes steering easier. Controlled exclusively by weight shifting and this created a feeling as if you were actually "floating" over the road. Speeds of more than 20 kilometers per hour can be reached, depending on the model. That’s where the problems start.


Spezialkeller bamberg – looking over the shoulder of the waiters and waitresses

Spezialkeller bamberg - looking over the shoulder of the waiters and waitresses

A hand reaches up. "A beer please!" hannah looks at the guest with a smile. "Comes immediately." two more hands go up in the air nearby. The 25-year-old student registers the wishes and rushes to the bar of the special cellar in bamberg. Here she works as a waitress.

The fourth season already. She enjoys her work, she explains. Because the guests are usually in a good mood be. If the weather is right, it’s just a matter of running, running, running. But then at least be something going on. Hannah likes this. She studies business education in the seventh semester. Goal: vocational school teacher. She can earn a good part of the money she needs for her studies in the cellar.

She got the job through her sister-in-law. She plays basketball, as do hannah and two other waitresses. We know each other.


Victory against landsberg: hec doesn’t let it get them down

Important victory for the HEC: the hochstadter bite themselves before 652 visitors by a play against a strong opponent and get themselves a sense of achievement.

Interlocking round

Hochstadter EC – HC landsberg 5:3 (1:1, 3:2, 1:0)

The first minutes of the game seemed like a finding phase on both sides, but the landsbergers declared it over with a bang: jonas schwarzfischer came through strongly and overcame HEC goalie benjamin dirksen with the first shot (3.). The first hochstadter attempt by jari neugebauer sailed past.


Germany for government rescue mission in the mediterranean sea

Germany for government rescue mission in the mediterranean Sea

The german government has reaffirmed its interest in a new governmental sea rescue mission in the mediterranean, based on the model of the EU operation sophia. "We participated in this mission with conviction," government spokesman steffen seibert said in berlin on friday.

However, there is currently no agreement in the EU on the distribution of refugees rescued in the mediterranean. "We would welcome a new mandate, if there was that agreement."

In the spring, the EU stopped its sophia naval mission off the libyan coast, which was launched in 2015, and can now no longer rescue migrants from distress at sea. The reason is that the member states have not been able to agree on a system for distributing those rescued. The original aim of the campaign was to stem migration from libya by combating smuggling.