Low rebuilds for 500. Victory: “hunger for success back”

Low rebuilds for 500. Victory:

"Basically, I sense from this meeting that the hunger for success is absolutely there, that the disappointment has been put away," explained the national coach ahead of the german national soccer team's start to the new world cup qualifier on friday against the faroe islands, in which captain philipp lahm is again expected to defend on the right and marcel schmelzer on the left.

After a prolonged period of anger over the european championship mission that failed in the semifinals, low and his team are entering the new competition "with a lot of motivation and anticipation. "You can already tell that there's more traction behind it again. We need a good start so that we can leave the negative behind us," emphasized bayern player thomas muller, who, however, rejected questions about more far-reaching goals: "I think it's exaggerating to talk about the world cup title now."

One of the first personnel changes to come out of the intensive preparations for the european championships is a shake-up of several positions in the starting eleven against the outsiders faroe islands. Lahm moves back from the left to the right side of defense with immediate effect, for which the national coach had not found an optimal solution in recent months. "With the start of the qualifying round, he will play on the right," low confirmed the transfer of lahm to his bayern position. "Especially since I have the feeling with marcel schmelzer that he has now arrived with us," the DFB coach added on wednesday.


Solidarity with the ahr valley

The flood disaster in july, which in some cases took everything from many people, moves the school family of the siegmund-loewe-realschule very much. Now director uwe schonfeld was able to hand over the proud sum of 8000 euro for flood victims in marienthal. The money had been collected at the "day of solidarity.

"Once again this year, many of our students did voluntary work among their families and acquaintances to generate donations," the director said proudly. The annual campaign is intended to show that humanity and solidarity are high on the school's agenda. Through the parents' council of the school, there is direct contact with the head of the village, rolf schmitt from marienthal. There the flood relief marienthal e.V. Founded to coordinate the joint reconstruction of the village.

"Marienthal is a district of the town of bad neuenahr in the district of ahrweiler. The municipality has 103 inhabitants and about 20 houses", tells the BRK-ler robert unglaub, who as group leader disaster control unit together with colleagues of the circle federation kronach of 27. July to 31. July in the disaster area ahrtal was used. Their immediate area of operation was marienthal.


Ralf pohl after crushing defeat: “a black day for the spd”

Ralf Pohl after crushing defeat: 'a black day for the SPD'

"We sit together and discuss", ralf pohl answers the question about the mood at the "election party the SPD. After celebrating, the guests who met at the "frische quelle" restaurant in kronach were in the mood for a party the SPD is not at all pleased – even if the result in the constituency of kronach/lichtenfels was a little better than the trend in bavaria. "It’s a catastrophic result that affects everyone across the whole of bavaria. A black day for the SPD", analyzes ralf pohl, direct candidate for the "red" party.

Ten percent less than in 2013

13.58 percent for kups in the primary vote and 14.80 percent for his SPD in the secondary vote in the two counties. In both cases, that is around ten percent less than the result from 2013. Even then, pohl was a direct candidate, coming in second behind CSU man jurgen baumgartner, just as he did this time around. At that time, however, he was able to gain much higher percentages and narrowly failed to enter the state parliament via the SPD list.

All forecasts and results for the state election in bavaria can be found in our ticker


Road near kleinneuses remains closed longer than planned

The nuremberg state building authority has been renovating. April the state road 2263 between kleinneuses and grobneuses. After the road surface had been milled off, it became clear that the condition was worse than had been expected from the preliminary investigations, the office announced. For this reason, the road will have to be fully closed until presumably 17. May be extended. The supra-regional detour via hochstadt – gremsdorf – grobenseebach – weisendorf will therefore remain in place for a longer period of time.

During the rehabilitation work, it became apparent that the road’s underlying base courses were in a worse condition than expected. If the base courses were left in this condition, further road damage could be expected in a relatively short time. Tar was also encountered, which now has to be disposed of properly.

In the run-up to rehabilitation, the condition of the roadway is always examined as well as possible, the construction office further reports. However, the inhomogeneities of the road structure could never be fully detected due to the selective examinations distributed along the route. Only when the road is actually intervened in, the existing structure is then recognizable. In the case of the rehabilitation of state road 2263, the structure is, contrary to expectations, very inhomogeneous. Consequently, the work for the renovation and partial renewal of the road structure on st 2263 will be more complex, and consequently there is no way around the full closure of the state road, which has been extended by one week. The edge areas of the road had to be rebuilt.


Madrid offers thunberg help with climate summit trip

The spanish government has offered aid to swedish climate activist greta thunberg to allow her to attend the UN climate change conference in madrid in december.

"Dear greta, it would be great to have you here in madrid," wrote acting environment minister teresa ribera on twitter. "We would love to help you cross the atlantic," she added in the tweet friday night, praising thunberg’s commitment to the climate. Madrid is ready to get in touch with the 16-year-old, he said. Ribera did not say what the travel assistance might look like.

After chile’s surprise cancellation, the spanish capital had stepped in to host the UN climate conference. The top meeting is to be held from 2. To 13. December take place.


Climate protection, but social

The left party and the young action for social affairs and the environment (JASU) want to convince the citizens with the contents of their municipal election program and with their candidates from all areas of the population. They set, as they communicate, their emphasis with a socially arranged climatic protection. Small and middle incomes as well as pensioners may not carry the whole load of the climatic protection and are to be relieved. The left party and the JASU would also like to expand public transport and make it free of charge in the medium term. The city council has already set the right course for this with the free use of city buses for schoolchildren from 2 p.M. Onwards. Converting buses to electric/natural gas/hydrogen, expanding the network of bike paths and a central bike parking lot at the train station with monitoring and roofing are other proposals. Social housing, rent and electricity affordable for all, good care and better childcare, expansion of accessibility and a reduction in the burden on citizens and businesses through a "digital city hall are additional focal points. An extension of the B4 in weichengereuth is rejected. The palm house and the rose garden must be preserved.

The JASU is represented with the candidates ulf wunderlich (place 10), florian batz (place 15) and felix preub (place 19) and addresses itself particularly to young humans and families, pupils, apprentices and studying.

In the mayoral election campaign, the left party and JASU want to offer concrete solutions to coburg’s problems in the form of an initial twelve-point plan for an attractive coburg. In addition to the points mentioned, this also includes the expansion of the bicycle network, fee-free daycare and kindergarten, an indoor playground, municipal contracts only to companies that pay at least collectively agreed wages, and the reversal of the fee increases of recent years. For the left party and the JASU, the coburg clinic belongs in public hands. They are also in favor of more and well-trained caregivers, as well as financial support for associations and volunteerism.


Acted without premeditation

Yesterday, a 47-year-old self-employed craftsman from the kulmbach district had to answer for fraud at the kulmbach district court. He allegedly collected a deposit of 2400 euros from a customer for the installation of a fireplace in october 2017, but did not perform the work despite repeated requests from the client.
The witness and at the same time injured party from furth had therefore canceled the order and reported the craftsman for fraud because he kept putting him off and finally could not pay him back the down payment.

Account blocked

"first of all, I was ill for a few weeks due to an accident at work, and then my account was blocked by the tax office, explained the defendant. However, since he could have expected that he would not be able to use the down payment for the intended purpose at the time of the assignment due to his financial situation, this was a conditional intent, clarified judge sieglinde tettmann. "You’re not the first businessman to sit here for something like this. You certainly didn’t want to rob the witness of his money, you were trying to keep your business going."
Since the defendant was confessed, has already begun to repay the fine and has no criminal record, prosecutor holger gebhardt pleaded for a fine of 80 daily sentences of 35 euros each.
"Even without direct intent to harm, this case is a fraud", judge tettmann explained her verdict, which was in line with the prosecution’s demand. "You have cheaply accepted that your client’s money could be gone because of your financial situation. And it concerns a not insignificant amount."
He says it is now important to regularly repay the remaining amount that is still outstanding as part of an asset detention order, in order to avoid further costs, for example, through enforcement.


Young citizens want to altenkunstadt city hall

Young citizens want to Altenkunstadt city hall

Members of the junge union (JU) want to set up the young citizens voter grouping and run with their own list in the local council elections on 16 december. March line up. Their motto: "christian-conservative-young."
"Currently there is only one member under 45 years of age in the municipal council. Therefore, I am convinced that a new group of voters covering the age spectrum from 18 to 45 would be a great asset to our community", is thorsten J. Schmidtke convinces. The 33-year-old JU chairman in altenkunstadt is the driving force behind the new political movement. He puts forward another reason: for him, every new voters’ association is also another cornerstone of our democracy that would enliven the diversity of opinion.

Speaking of new: the JB already exists in the district council, in the cities of lichtenfels and bad staffelstein, and in the market community ebensfeld. For schmidtke, they are an important political grouping in the district: "in the local parliaments mentioned, the young citizens have so far provided twelve councilors, with georg vonbrunn a deputy to the district administrator, and in bad staffelstein with sabine scheer the third mayor."
The altenkunstadter, who is a police officer by profession, does not see the voters’ association as a splinter group of the conservative camp. Quite the opposite "we want to offer voters a list of predominantly young candidates." in addition, he notes that the JU, as a subordinate working group of the CSU, is not allowed by law to run for office under its own name.

Two with CSU party card

next year’s mayoral election in altenkunstadt promises to be exciting: with robert hummer and georg vonbrunn, two candidates are running who have CSU party membership decree. How will the young citizens behave: will you make an election recommendation or remain neutral? Schmidtke is still keeping a low profile on this issue – and with good reason: the JB in altenkunstadt is currently still in its founding phase. A clear positioning could take place in autumn this year at the earliest.
Since the JB is not yet represented in the altenkunstadter local council, it needs for a participation with the local election 120 supporter signatures. Schmidtke has no reservations about overcoming this hurdle: "so far, I have received only positive feedback from all sides. I am confident that 120 citizens will hand in their signatures at the town hall."

Parties are elected because of their people and programs. Schmidtke can say little about this at present. The road map for the further proceeding stands however already: after the establishment of a registered association the executive committee team will think about the goals of the aimed voter group. The founding meeting, which is to take place in the next few weeks, is followed by the drawing up of a list for the local council elections at the end of autumn. Is there not, however, a goal that the JB have already set for themselves?? Schmidtke does not have to think long: "the youth representative would certainly be a desirable office for the JB, which sees itself as the voice of the younger generations."


Peter wohlleben shows clear edge for national park steigerwald

According to a press release, almost 100 participants joined the webinar last week on the topic of "thirsty forests – will the steigerwald become the bavarian hambi" to. The guests included green member of parliament lisa badum and climate activists luca rosenheimer (bamberg) and sabine ratzel (nuremberg) as well as well-known forester peter wohlleben.

At the beginning of the year, the activists and lisa badum had jointly drawn attention to a national park in the steigerwald by means of forest walks and were now able to win over a prominent voice in the discussion in the person of peter wohlleben, who sided with the national park advocates with clear words.

"Our native, old beech forests in germany only exist in the per mille area. They and with them many undiscovered but also discovered species are threatened with extinction. The few remnants, to which also the steigerwald belongs, must be pulled immediately from the traffic. A national park steigerwald is overdue", stressed wohlleben, who at the beginning of the year with "the secret life of trees" a hit movie. "I am mainly interested in more respect for our forests."


America’s cup: team new zealand only needs one more win

America's Cup: Team New Zealand only needs one more win

David dominates goliath in the america’s cup: team new zealand still lacks a regatta victory at 8:1. Oracle team USA can only stop the challengers in san francisco bay if skipper jimmy spithill and his crew win nine in a row.

The americans had their backs to the wall from the start. The sailors from new zealand are simply too strong. "We just have to keep believing in it. We’re a strong team and we can win races," said oracle’s british tactician sir ben ainslie, the most successful olympic sailor in history with four gold medals, after his team lost again in the eleventh race.

Even new zealand’s skipper dean barker did not yet allow himself any anticipation of the triumph: "every victory here is very hard won. These are monumental battles. So you are grateful for every victory point."The "kiwis" have the next two chances in races twelve and 13 on friday night to make the third america’s cup triumph perfect for their country after 1995 and 2000.